This page will help you to get started with EWF. We will first see how to install EWF and then how to compile and run the venerable Hello World example.



Latest EiffelStudio release comes with latest EWF version: there is nothing to do in this case.

If you are using an older version of EiffelStudio, we recommand to download the latest EWF version (v1 as of this writing) instead of using the one that comes with EiffelStudio.


Follow these steps to download and install EWF on your computer:

  1. Dowload the archive
  2. Create a directory where you will put your custom Eiffel libraries
  3. Extract EWF in the newly created directory
  4. Define the environment variable EIFFEL_LIBRARY to point to the newly created directory

Source code

The source code is available on Github. You can get it by running the command:

git clone git://github.com/EiffelWebFramework/EWF.git

Hello World

The hello world example is located in the directory $ISE_EIFFEL/contrib/examples/web/ewf/simple. Just double click on the simple.ecf file and select the simple target or if you prefer the command line, run the command:

estudio -config simple.ecf -target simple

Once the project is compiled, you can launch the application and point your browser to http://localhost:9090. You should now see a simple page with Hello World.

Next steps